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26 december 2016


Studiereis Travelmanagers Face2Face Travel December 2016



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Hereby I recommend miss Mireille for her outstanding quality of job and service. Miss Mireille is a very sporty person and always thinks several steps ahead assuring that risks are set to a minimum and her team experiences a maximum of fun and pleasure. She is very flexible in her job. For any team that needs an organizer without worrying, I very much recommend Mireille to fulfill this task.

Amal Kloppenburg

Account Manager

Mireille is a very professional, organized and energatic person who has a positive way of looking at challenges. She is very good in organising events and has a lot of sportive and touristic experience. It was great to work with her.

Vera Habers

Owner & manager at CSST

“Dankjewel voor de geweldige organisatie en super studiereis! Het was geweldig” – Travel Managers Face2Face Travel

Team Face2Face Travel

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